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Services Offered

Hosted Voice Solutions - (VOIP) Voice over IP services with fully functional PBX features including: call control, call waiting, call forwarding, conferencing and virtual office, anywhere there is internet your office can also be.

Hosted Servers & Services - Utilizing Virtual Servers in the cloud environment having a hosted server is now a great solution for many companies, adding managed services to it is a great solution.
Website Creation - From site design, image creation to payment systems

Website Hosting - Simple hosting services don't need to be complicated.

Website Integration - From AS400, SQL to home grown systems Kaigin can integrate your website for inventory, picking, work orders, shippers and invoicing.

Domain Name Registry - Get a domain registred and active with email services the same day.

Domain Name Hosing - Don't know how to add MX records for Email, Don't know what an A Name record is? Thats okay Kaigin can take care of that for you.

Email Service Setup - Email services are provided by Google Apps for business, they do it well but Kaigin can set it up for you.

IT Services Management - Small business usually does not need full time staffed IT personnel, contract with Kaigin and have over qualified IT staff at your disposal.

IT Consulting - Most people work better when they can bounce ideas off one another. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of or think you need some IT assistance Kaigin can do this with ease.

IT Equipment Purchasing - Don't know what to buy then let Kaigin help you. Our over qualified staff can assist you in any IT need.

IT Equipment Implementation - Need help with an installation project then let Kaigin assist with our experienced IT staff.

IT Software Implementation - In today's world most software can be installed form remote locations utilzing desktop software, make sure its done right and let the IT professionals at Kaigin get things setup correctly the first time.

Customized Software - Can't find a solution then have Kaigin make one. Utilizing Microsoft tools Kaigin can create a solution to solve just about every and any need.

Android Apps - Kaigin Development can create your company an android app for your customers cell phones, and have them linking to you on their mobile devices.


Welcome to the Kaigin Development Website where we have been helping business grow since 2003.
Within the business community we often look at the numbers and think that in order to make these numbers improve more sales are needed. However more sales will not always mean more profits, instead the secret to generating more profit from our companies is by simply looking at the way in which we conduct business and examining our work flow processes.
How does the sales department interface with the order fulfillment department? How does the fulfillment department interact with purchasing, accounting, invoicing and collection departments? More often than not as our companies grow these departments are ran individually and we find each department operating as an island onto itself.


Kaigin Development is a creative ideas company that comes to your business and examines these processes, then observes the activities of your business. Once we understand how your business operates we can then examine where the work flow can be improved and streamlined; with the endresult being more profits for your company.

Kaigin Development also assists customers with launching their businesses and products. Looking at the complete process for product launch from websites and sales materials to the work flow processes of the business resulting in more profitability.
Kaigin Development has the ability, and willingness to create new programs to manage your business and the work flow of your business to increase profitability.
Kaigin Development provides web hosting services, email management, setup, hosting and remote backup services.
If you are interested in any of these services, or just want to call or drop a email to find out more, please feel free to browse to the contacts page for the listed contact methods.


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Helpful Tools Section

While supporting customers through the years we have found these tools to be the most useful for our clients. Please feel free to click on the files below to download them and try them for yourself.

DropBox - How it Works
Dropbox is a cloud storage system for individuals and companies alike. Basic services are free and are very useful. Dropbox Website.

DropBox - Best Use
This is by MakeUseOf.com and is a great article on how to utilize all the different aspects of DropBox. Dropbox Website.

Kaigin DropBox Setup Guide
This guide will walk you through the installation of DropBox, setting up an account, and various other things you would find useful.

Setting up G-mail
This will take you through the process of setting up a G-mail account t work with other email programs

Private System Registered Accounts Only


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